Best scholarship in B. Tech

Now a days, B. Tech is most liked course. To support those student , government and private organization has started scholarship with various capital and various term and condition. Now let’s see that what is the most suitable scholarship for you.

Name of Private Company Scholarship

  • Tata Power Pvt. Ltd.

This scholarship is only for tata power employee. There are some criteria for getting this scholarship. The criteria are…..

2 years full time study leave with out any salary and 3 years study leave with salary (by serving company of 8 Hrs. of duty in rotation basis except college time) . You can avil aproxx. 5 lakhs for your study but you have to return that money in installment or it will be deducted from salary. After full time 2 years study you can join company where you left.

  • ONGC Scholarship scheme,

This scholarship is only for OBC students. Not only b tech but also master degree and MBBS students can avail their offer. And the amount of scholarship is approximate 4000 rs per month. They will select the top students of nos 500 among all application.

Name of Government Scholarship: