Career promotion in Private job

From last two years, due to covid situation there are very shortage in government jobs. Because no new notification of jobs is not released and pre announced job’s recruitment process is not completed. So among many of aspirant most of the aspirant best choice is private company job. In Private company they are continuing their recruitment process although they were released their employee after covid situation started but due to more productivity most of the companies are walking on the way of new recruitment.

Two part Of company job :

There are mainly two part of each and every company one is training period and another is post training period or permanent employee.

In training period the work load load is generally high but there is minimum responsibility. Based on training period performance, it’s depend that if the trainee will be hired as permanent employee or not.

In Permanent Time, as you are treated as senior employee then the responsibility is more. And duty time is based on the day work management.

Job Promotion tips:

  • Make good relation with your manager because their are no other way to promote in higher designation.
  • Keep you practical and theoretical knowledge increase.
  • Learn new skill like team management, office paper documentation etc.
  • Make mind set for travelling from west to east and north to south of India even internationally.
  • Always take work with positive mind set and complete it within time.
  • Don’t be sad with managers’ word which generally hurt you. Because it’s a chain process The MD gives pressure The CEO, The CEO gives pressure to department head, The department head gives pressure to zonal Head, The zonal head gives pressure to site manager , lastly site manager gives pressure to you So It’s a regular and normal process in corporate sector.

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