It's no need to register in our portal if you are a normal visitor .Registration is only needed if you want to purchase any book from our portal or want to take a part in our community forum for posting or in a discussion.

If you want to register follow bellow:

  • Click here for registration page

  • Then put you Email.

  • We will send a verification link to your email containing a password reset link.

  • By clicking that password reset link you can reset your password.

  • Now you are a registered user of our Website.

  • Registration Process is now completed.

To Be a vendor in our website follow bellow :

  • Click here for vendor register 
  • Then click on checkbox i.e, I am a vendor .
  • Then put your email address, first and last name , Your shop name, shop url, and phone number.
  • Please open your email inbox as we sent a mail for password reset.
  • Then click on reset password link.
  • Now your password reset tab is open. Create password please.
  • Now you are a registered vendor of our website.
  • Now start selling and take a part in our community section for posting and discussing.

once you log in by your Vendor Email and password. For login click here.

  • If you are in desktop so dashboard will fully open in case of smart phone the dashboard will be in 3 dot above a black background.

  • Now scroll down and you will see a section named PRODUCTS.

  • Beside PRODUCTS tab there is a option for  ADD NEW PRODUCT.

  • Press on that tab or click here.

  • Now upload image of Product , enter Product name, Product price and discounted Price if you want give discount .

  • Then Enter short description of product.

  • Then select catagory.

  • You may give tags ; tags will help your product to easily show for buyers.

  • Now enter full details of Product here.

  • Now save It .

  • The product is live now for buyers.

At first log in.

  • Then Click on three dot In top header menu.

  • Go to community section

  • Choose your topic and click on it.

  • Click on ADD  Topic.

  • Now Post Page is ready.

  • Enter your question or discussion topic in TOPIC TITLE Section

  • And next describe your topic with our specialized option.

  • If you want to attach file so do it

  • then click on ADD TOPIC button

  • Now your question is live on website.

You can directly call to seller by the phone number mentioned on seller profile.

We don't verify seller contact number so calling to seller by self risk.

Better way to contact seller is to mail us  on our email id :

[email protected]

Then team way2success.in will reach to you and provide you seller verified contact details.

For reset password please go through the link below :

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