Is YouTube is a better career?

YouTube is a welly known platform of our daily life. And we are very well known about this platform. From covid Time (2022 years) many people have left there job due to out state of their office and many people were said for resignation from job.In this situation some of then have join YouTube for earning money and the number of YouTuber is increasing day by day. Now the question is it right choice to start career as youtuber for full time?

Let’s have a look on Positive side of be an YouTuber:

  1. If your YT channel have qualified for monitization then there are a lot of oppourtunity for income.
  2. You can get a better social identity from your Yt channel.
  3. Your ideas and concepts will reach to more people.

Let’s have a look on Negative side of be an YouTuber:

  1. As there are previously much more YouTuber in each and every content so there is very tough to impress audience.
  2. Many time the monitization rule of YouTube i,e, 4000 hour watch is not completed through one years , in that cases most of the YouTuber disappoint .
  3. If you can not focus on your basic study due to YT then is really hard for uploading video in daily life.

Some special tips for fast growing YT channel :

  • Upload video in daily basis, then youtube promote you video for more view as shorts feed or youtube feed.
  • Don’t get disappointed to see other video’s views. Keep better your video quality, sound, and presentation and maintain regularity of your video uploading.
  • To increasing subscribers upload shorts video.
  • To increase Watch time upload landscape video.